Why hotels should consider listing on Airbnb


Over 60 million people have now used Airbnb to find accommodation described as home away from home that supposedly cannot be replicated by hotels. However, today, some hotels have successfully used Airbnb to find new customers which in turn is presenting a threat to the OTA

Why Millennials maybe oblivious to your hotel billboards!

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Millennials simply love doing stuff! “Owning” is taking a backseat to “doing”. You don’t need a car, you can Uber, you don’t need an office you can rent a desk at wework.com and you don’t need to keep strangers out of your home

Travelling first class? or with kids?

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The American humorist Nathaniel Benchley pokes at the travel industry claiming that there are only two classes of travel – first class and with children; he does this to point out the burdens of traveling with children and how little the industry does in order to mitigate those burdens.

Internal Marketing? Use Social Media

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It makes absolutely no sense to promise customers excellent service if the firm’s employees are not ready to deliver it. Therefore continuous internal marketing needs to take place.

Tiptoeing on the edge of ethical – Market Research

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When Gillette conducted a focus group market research that surrounded the usage of razor blades by women, they were told frequent blade changes took place, however, when they conducted observational research, they found that the same women rarely remembered to change the blade as they didn’t keep a stock in the shower.

Ignorant Hoteliers Place Tablets in Kids Clubs


“EMF/RFR from Wi-Fi and cell towers can exert a disorganizing effect on the ability to learn and remember and can also be destabilising to immune and metabolic function. This makes it harder for some children to learn especially those who are having difficulty in the first place” (Martha Herbert, Paediatric Neurology, Harvard Medical School).

5 Tech Mega Trends 2017 & Hotels

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More than 50 % of searches are on mobile
91% of FB usage (daily active users) is on mobile
80% of FB advertising revenue is on mobile
90% of mobile media time is spent in apps

The hotel that got flustered by my tweet!

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Last December, my sister posted her location on Facebook indicating that she had just checked-in at a five star hotel in Chicago. So I, being the social media addict, LIKED her location and checked the hotel’s Twitter page.