What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content across a business’s marketing channels to reach a targetted audience and influence their behaviour towards a certain brand or message.

Successful Content Marketing

The critical success of content marketing is creating a marketing message that resonates with the receiving target on an emotional and logical level. Big campaigns are often developed around a straightforward tagline that win the hearts and minds of the target audience.

What is Content Production?

Based on a twelve months strategy, content production should consolidate all the online and offline messaging about the brand through the provision of creative copywriting, video production, infographics, podcasts, and images. The content is then distributed across all the marketing channels the organisation leverages.

In digital marketing, content creation has an enormous impact on your brand’s organic search results.

Content Creation Stratgey

At Velvet Marketing, we follow a 10-step model to ensure the content produced ticks all the boxes to ensure its SEO friendly and brand representative.

The model we follow to produce your content is based on a clear 12-month strategy to feed all your digital and traditional assets and to ensure they are coherent with each other.

The content strategy we undertake focuses on creativity and is based on online research that takes into account the search engine results.

We create content that is on-brand and can easily be recognizable by your target market once we build your brand awareness. We create content that sticks by creating entertaining, inspiring, educating and convincing content.

The content we create for your brand is simply outstanding and stimulates interest in your brand. That is why our clients choose us to create their content.

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