Email still outranks other channels

There is evidence to suggest that companies rank email marketing as the highest priority due to the target market’s use of emails. Email platforms are the most frequently used platforms outranking all social media platforms.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing strategy considered part of the digital strategy concerned with sending emails to develop relationships with potential customers. A successful email marketing strategy is able to convert prospects/leads into customers, and turn first time buyers into loyal customers.

What is A/B testing in email marketing?

There are many aspects to take into consideration when sending emails, these include, copy, images, timing, and target audience.

A/B testing is the process of fine-tuning all the aspects based on data received after each campaign and adapting the tactics that encourage a higher email open rate and higher conversion rate. 

Why a target audience is not static?

A targeted audience should not be static, to suggest an audience is static is to suggest that habits and cultures never change. Sometimes change comes around quick while other times it’s extremely slow. Keeping tabs on consumer habits and what resonates with your target market is imperative. This constant check on your target market ensures that your emails remain relevant.

Planning and execution

Velvet Marketing plans campaigns through a calendar of content for at least 6 months and content development commences as soon as the plan is discussed and approved with the client.

We research the optimal number of emails per month, we conduct A/B testing and we segment clients to ensure the highest possible return.

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