Google Ads Set-up and Management

Velvet Marketing runs google ads after extensive research into the company and its target market. The closer we are able to get to the searchers’ phrase searches the higher the success rate and the cheaper the ads. We have extensive experience and we run Google Ads in a manual setting so we can control the spending and target market to ensure a high return on every £ spent.

What is google ads?

Google is the most commonly used internet search engine in the world. In Europe almost 94% of all searches take place on Google. Therefore, advertising on Google has become a critical priority for many companies.

How do Google Ads work?

Your company’s advert is served when it fulfils certain criteria that is aligned with the searcher’s need for information. It is in Google’s interest to serve the relevant ads to the relevant people at the relevant time in order to continue commending first place on the internet for searches.

How does Google Ads auction work?

Google Ads works on an auction system. This takes place every time a user undertakes a keyword search. To “win” the auction and allow your Google advertisement to appear for relevant keywords, you will need to optimize your Quality Score and the bid amount. Optimizing the quality score is indeed a task in itself, which is why companies such as Velvet Marketing undertake this process on behalf of the clients they serve.

A lower score means a lower chance of your advert showing at an exponentially higher cost. The score can be found by adjusting the columns in good ads. 

Why is it called PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Sometimes Google advertising is referred to as PPC because the advertiser pays Google every time some clicks on the advert. This is one of the attraction of the model to advertisers, they only pay when their advert is viewed in a definitive way.

Why do people pay and have little return?

There are two ways to run Google ads:

  1. Automated
  2. Manual

Automated Google PPC

Automated Google Ads spend more money and have lower return typically because the advertiser will have little knowledge about the platform and therefore will opt for the automated version.

One of the largest downfalls of this version is the target area. You may have placed a target area but somewhere in the recommendations, you are prompted to allow the ads to serve elsewhere to anyone who has ever shown interest in the target area. This is extremely costly. The second most expensive downfall is the broad match suggestions.

Manual Google

Professional companies run Google ads in a manual setting. This means we can maximise every penny spent on ads. We create a narrow targeting area. We create hundreds if not thousands of exact phrase matches (this is done by extensive research) and we monitor and eliminate obsolete phrases and keywords. We create a list of phrases and keywords for which the client does not what to be found for and we keep analysing the results and adjusting the campaigns and creating at least three ads per campaign.

Why hire someone to run your google ads?

A manual setting in Google Ads requires skill and many adjustments. The keywords can run into the hundreds and must be monitored. Negative keywords must be added. Professional management of Google Ads decreases the conversion cost by increasing the quality score and ensure correct targetting.

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