Website Types

There are two types of websites in general, one that is developed on a bespoke basis, especially for your business and one that is acquired as a ready-made template.

A bespoke website does not carry the weight of extra coding that slows the website down while a template website does. Website speed is critical to search engine optimization and your website’s ability to rank highly on google.

It goes without saying, a bespoke website design requires more specialist skills and resources, hence is more expensive while a template design website doesn’t.  Anyone can create a website off a template in under two weeks. However, a coded website is only created by people with coding knowledge. Every code they write transforms the site.

We create great websites. They are coded, they are search engine friendly and they look fabulous at the front end.

What does it involve:

  • Competitor audits, industry audits and industry website trend analysis
  • Extensive research and planning stage
  • Business and customer-focused design to realise the customer’s vision
  • Razor sharp attention to detail
  • Applying Search Engine Optimization insights in the design process
  • Customer journey, results-driven, design workflow and processes

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