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At Velvet Marketing, this confusion is why we always start with a marketing audit that advises businesses clearly what channels are the most valuable to their business. I would advise them to undertake extensive research before allocating the marketing budget.

Social Media is the New Tobacco – Parents Consume Responsibly!

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As marketing goes, the benefits are clear, the more people post about their lives, as empty as it is, the better you know what makes people return to a site, making it easier to target individuals with personalised ads of products and services. Consumers also benefit, this hyper-targeting results is a reduced amount of time searching for products and services before they find a fit. This benefit is undeniable, artificial intelligence is charming!

The difference in thriving or becoming a thing of the past. Topshop V ASOS – A Snapshot of Digital Presence

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The pandemic has forced retailers to move online, but this has only sped up a process that has been underway for years. Topshop and the Arcadia group that hosts it have been in decline for some time, and this is by no means unique. Debenhams has faced similar difficulties in recent years surrounding liquidation, with 2020 being the final straw as in December it was confirmed that they too would go into administration.

VW Let down by Mediocre Digital Agency

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How mediocre handling of your Google Ads is costing you thousands in lost business
A month ago, sat in Birmingham UK, surfing the net for car prices, I used the search box and typed “VW cars” and clicked on the first link that came up which took me straight to the VW car dealership in Amman, Jordan.

Introduction to Defensive Marketing – Knowledge Post

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Customer satisfaction is a multidimensional concept that is derived from technical satisfaction of the product/service as well as the emotional fulfilment of the customer’s requirements.

How hotels can up-sell Millennials


By 2020, half the global workforce will subscribe to the millennial generation, whom according to a new survey by investment outfit T. Rowe Price, should be called “The Money-Conscious Generation.”

Why corporate hotels should start caring about kids!


Workation! Not an official word just yet, but very much a concept that is catching steam. According to the Travel Industry Association of America a staggering 19.5 million business trips in the US were taken WITH children last year!

Boring CEOs should get off Twitter!

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Having spent the last couple of weeks reading & analysing the tweets of those who head large multinational corporations, it is my opinion, that many open the curtains to the windows of their life only to show us how they sit and watch paint dry!

Why a luxury London car dealership couldn’t sell a car!

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When my friend, a successful engineer, turned up at a London luxury car dealership ready to part with £40,000, she expected to have a few questions answered and then to put a downpayment, after all she had already built the car online.