What is Customer Experience Research (CXR)?

Customer experience research is the function of collecting and analyzing data with regards to the experience a customer has with a particular company. This is important as it helps companies gain a larger appreciation for their customer’s needs and desires which in turn leads to building a customer-centric business model.

Customer experience research is a subset of marketing research normally done for a specific company using its customer data. The research aims at delivering a model to your company helping build customer loyalty and upselling.

Aspects of the research can include process observations and critique, the servicescape, and the customer experience footprint.

How is the customer experience research conducted?

The customer experience research is often conducted by creating a customer journey map or blueprint. This blueprint is then analyzed one step at a time and week points are identified. This is frequently the starting point for further targeted research on customer needs, desires and demographics.


Why is customer experience research important?

Uncovering what customers feel about a company’s products and services, can create the type of insight needed for management to make essential decisions about their products and service. This research can also determine the research and development budget, brand awareness marketing campaigns and heighten customer satisfaction and referral.


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